An extensible and user-friendly data cleaning system.


Since 2011 we are solving Data Cleaning problem that the data quality rules are employed in isolation and heterogeneous. Each time a new data cleaning problem arises or a new type of rule is considered, partitioners either build a new system or go through a painful process of customizing an existing tool.

In NADEEF all the data quality rules are sharing the same programming APIs and we provide a runtime execution engine to detect data violations. We also provide a graphical HTML5 user interface to help users navigate and understand their data in order to improve the rule quality.

NADEEF is an open source project created and developed by
Qatar Computing Research Institute - Data Analytics Group.


Unified Programming APIs

NADEEF provides 6 high level programming interfaces targeted on Data Cleaning. By leveraging the Detect, Block, and many others user is able to map business logic into each high level operator without lose of performance.

Declarative Rule

NADEEF supports several declarative constrainted rules e.g. Functional Dependency and Denial Constraint. User is able to quickly draft new data quality rule in NADEEF and do violation detection.

HTML5 Dashboard

NADEEF comes with a graphical HTML5 front-end by using the state-of-art web technology. It helps user work with NADEEF on any data sources and any devices in a second.

Contact Us

Feel free to email us to provide some feedback or give us suggestions in our Github issues page

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